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This page is under construction and require your input. Kindly send content to publish here. Proud to be "Teli". ............ Teli is a caste traditionally occupied in the pressing of oil in India, Nepal and Pakistan. The Teli are considered to belong to the Vaishya (merchant) varna in Hinduism. Members may be either Hindu or Muslim...... The Jewish community of Maharashtra (called Bene Israel) was also known to be a sub-group in the Teli caste called Shanivar Teli meaning Saturday oil pressers for their Jewish custom of abstention from work on Shabbat.

Karmabai (20 January 1615 – 1634) was a Jat known as- Bhakt Shiromani Karmabai. She was born on 20 January 1615 in the family of Jiwanji Dudi in the village Kalwa situated in Nagaur district. She was a devotee of Krishna. The story goes.like this- karmabai's father was a devotee of Krishna. Once upon a time he had some work outstation, so he instructed her to offer the food(bhog) to the lord and then only she should eat. Karma was very young and she took this instruction literally. Next morning she woke up early and made khichda for offering the Lord. But when she saw that lord is not eating, sincere towards her father's instructions innocent karmabai did not eat anything at all and waited for lord to come and eat first. Lord Krishna was very impressed by her determination and showed mercy on her. He himself appeared before her and ate her khichda. He followed the same routine till her father didn't returned. When her father returned she told him everything, her father was shocked in disbelief and thus karma pleaded lord to appear once again to prove her true. And very merciful lord Krishna did appeared once again to keep his devotee's respect.

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