We aim to take a different approach in reaching
out and helping people along the journey. We
stress cultural relevancy and utilize all medias.


A place where a person with no temple background
can come and feel comfortable and enjoy the
service because the atmosphere will be friendly.


Our mission statement can be summed up in one
word: reach. We reach up through worship, serve
God by serving each other to bless.

Welcome to Tailik Mitra Sewa Sangh

It is our duty to serve the society where we are born and brought up. We are proud to be Indian first. Our society is united by diverse cultural heritage. That is the beauty of Indian society. We as responsible citizen should be ready to play our constructive role in building a strong nation.

We are part of the auspicious and patriotic Teli Samaj. We are proud to belong to Teli Samaj where by birth we inherited best “sanskars” and are living a respectable and happy life. We bow our head to our Teli Vansh, our auspicious inheritance and culture. We are indebted to our society and from our heart we are thankful for providing us a peaceful, healthy, harmonious and purposeful life.

Once again welcome to our website and we encourage you to explore more about Tailik Samaj. We are not affiliated to any political party and we try our best to proide you with the best relevent information.